What we do and how we got here.

What We Do

We are STANDMAC Inc.,a group of designers and engineers who want to change the world and “the way we used to live” by improving the current design of products from a screwdriver to a wrench. 
Our mission is to take tools to the “tool 2.0” and make everyday products more useful, better looking and more fun. 

How We Got Here

Tools are the most useful equipment in our daily lives, but in most cases people buy them for urgent uses and then store them, and forget where they are when they need them most. That is where the WOWSTICK story begins

5 Series of WOWSTICK have been launched during 4 years

Co-design with more than 55 leading brands in industries

Total sold units of WOWSTICK reached over 10 million

What We Are Going To Do

We are so grateful on what we have accomplished so far and now we are about to kick start our international branding strategy with Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter, we are going to find the most passionate, loyal, straight-up stoked customers in the world. The funds we raise in our campaigns will allow us to focus on our customers and products, and not on achieving growth goals that traditional investors often demand. We hope we can truly think big do small, and bring the world the best design and product by STANDMAC.

Making stuff is fun. Even little kids know that. We like to think of the STANDMAC office as a preschool arts-and-crafts table with fancier materials, louder tools and about the same amount of pants-peeing. When it comes to making stuff, we believe that less is more and that simplicity yields elegance. We believe that versatility should be baked in so that our products are used in ways that we never even imagined. We believe products should solve real problems and not invent them. When we launch products, we never stop trying to improve them. Lastly, we believe that people who use and love our gear deserve a lifetime guarantee.

The Team

The STANDMAC team continues to grow. We’ve gone from just 10 employees who launched the WOWSTICK f1 four years ago, to over 100 talented people in just four years. We’ve also shipped more than 10 million WOWSTICK products in that time – when something works, word spreads fast.
Most of us were completely new to the world of “Tool 2.0″ when we joined, but have become experts by doing. That applies to everyone from our award-winning product designers to engineers whose experience spans everything from smartphones to beauty cares. Our backgrounds might not be conventional, but neither are our products.  
We’re proud to be different and believe the uniqueness of our team is shown in the uniqueness of our designs and approach to life